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WINE ROUTE OF LOW CARPATHIANS (MALOKARPATSKÁ VÍNNA CESTA): it's a wonderful region under the Low Carpathians, with its typical vineyards, excellent wines, characteristic cellars, beautiful mountains, rich history and full of nice people. It begins in Bratislava and extends through the South-eastern Hills of the Low Carpathians to the town of Smolenice. Cities and towns on the wine route are distinguished by their own monuments and traditions; moreover, they join the beauty of green vineyards and of fine white and red wines, which are produced in this region since centuries. When visiting one of these towns, you can`t miss a walk through old cellars, where you can taste wines and local delicatessen.

– 10 km
–  accessible since the 15th century, Museum of Aristocratic Life
– 25 km
–  Driny Cave, romantic Castle of Smolenice
MODRA – 8 km –  center of Hutterite ceramics, frequented by most of national celebrities Slovak majolic – production of ceramics
–  Old bourgeois and vineyards houses
–  Monument and Museum of Ľudovít Štúr (19th century Slovak writer and politician, codifier of Slovak language)
Ignác Bizmayer`s Gallery (main Slovak artis
PEZINOK – 15 km –  Museum of the Low Carpathians
–  Castle and park (typical restaurant and tavern)
TRNAVA – 16 km
–  the oldest free royal city in Slovakia
–  Archbishopric
–  Gothic basilica of St. Nicholas (14th century)
–  Early baroque church of St. John Baptist
–  University of Trnava
–  Museum of Western Slovakia
PIEŠŤANY 50 km –  worldwide known spa location for care of muscle apparatus.
In the “Thermal Island” you can find differents kinds of mineral water
(sulphur, carbon, calcium and magnesium). Temperature: 67-69.5°C. Sulphur muds.